About Us

Meet founders, Michelle & Chantelle


Inspired by their desire to revolutionise the way you accessorise, the duo set out to create the ultimate mani in a box. 

Currently focused on providing premium salon quality nails, without the hassle of long appointment times and the expense they bring, Marfia Beauty is empowering women to shift the way they view their selfcare. Our Premium Collection and Mani-in-Minutes Collection are both designed to offer women accessible and effortless beauty, without compromising on quality and finish. 

All nails have been carefully selected and tested to ensure the highest standard of durable, long-lasting and premium quality products. Our range of Premium Collection pop-on nails are handcrafted by a team of talented artisans. They will not only have you looking good, but also feeling good, as they are environmentally friendly, reusable and most importantly, vegan and cruelty free! 

Marfia Beauty nails are made by women, for women. We cater for the busy career women, the time-poor students, the multi-taking mums, the nurses, the chefs, the athletes, and every modern woman that deserves a clever shortcut to feeling confident and looking fabulous. 

We appreciate your support in our mission to make beauty more effortless.

Marfia Beauty xx